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North Korea continues: one of its ballistic missiles flies over Japan

Rome, Italy - The launch took place last night. In the Land of the Rising Sun alarms rang for the possible threat. It will be discussed at the UN

An unspecified ballistic intercontinental missile was launched just before 6:00 am (local time, still Monday in Italy) from North Korea. The rocket that according to South Korean sources would have been able to carry a nuclear weapon, reached an altitude of 550 kilometers and travelled for more than 2700 kilometers, flying over Japan and falling beyond its shores into the Pacific Ocean. The missile -that might be of the Hwasong-12 kind that was already launched in April- would have split in three stages before ending its route into the sea. In some localities of the Land of the Rising Sun alarms rang to alert population about the possible threat and to invite them to take cover in safe places. Also if there were no direct damages, the invasion of the airspace is seen as an aggression and what happened will be discussed today at the urgent United Nations Security Council, which was called by request of the United States, Japan and South Korea. For the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe what happened represent an unprecedented menace to his Country and it is therefore necessary to do everything possible to save life of people. The mutual exchange of threats between the US President Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un had already been followed by a missile test of the latter on last week-end, when the launch of three short-range rockets ended no further than 250 kilometers from the Korean peninsula. For further details also see AVIONEWS 1 and 2

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