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Russia. AN-2T biplane crashed during exhibition: 2 victims -VIDEO

Moscow, Russia - A near tragedy when the pilot lost the control of the airplane at the end of an acrobatic maneuver

It seems that it was caused by a loss of control of the airplane the accident that occurred on last Saturday at an Antonov AN-2T biplane aircraft with registration RA-35171, that crashed almost touching the crowd onto the grass landing strip of the Chornoye Airport of Balašicha, oblast of Moscow, Russia, during an air show. In the impact the two people on board died, and investigators are working to understand the reasons that led to losing control of the aircraft. The Antonov had just exited an acrobatic maneuver and was heading toward the runway, when after a quick left-hand turn suddenly lost altitude and touched the ground with a wing. The aircraft caught fire and the pilot and co-pilot had no-chance, even though the rescue by helicopters were immediate. The AN-2 is a single-engine multirole airplane which was designed and developed in the Soviet Union in the Forties. Used since the Fifties by Sovetskie Voenno-vozdušnye sily (VVS), the Air Forces of the Soviet Union, it has been operating for many years in all the Warsaw Pact and pro-Soviet Countries as an aircraft for military transport, for connections, for training and for supporting terrestrial and airborne troops. Several units still exist that are able to fly, especially in ex-Soviet Countries or in Africa. The "T" version is the baseline cargo model with a load capacity up to 1500 kg, it was mass produced in the Soviet Union, Poland and China (with the name Y-TA). Below, the video of the accident:

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