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Belgium. Pilot fell from military helicopter, in flight with open hold door: his body not found yet

Brussels, Belgium - He controlled that after airdrop none paratrooper was finished on the nuclear power plant in Tihange. The suicide is excluded

It is an incredible fortuity that has killed yesterday a pilot of an A-109BA helicopter of the Belgian Armed Forces, in mission together with the co-pilot to transport some paratroopers at 1000m. The aircraft was in flight from Amay and Tihange, in the province of Liegi, Belgium; after the launch the man stood up from his command position, hung out to control that none of the paratroopers was finished on the trajectory of the near nuclear power plant in Tihange. The hold door of the chopper was opened to favour the paratrooper airdrop and the pilot was without parachute. After some moments when the copilot has turned his head towards the hold door, the captain was not there. The military has immediately given alarm for the searches, and brought the helicopter at ground. The "jump" happened on a wide wooded area, and this impedes the searches. In the moment in which we write in fact the pilot's body, at this point dead, has not been found yet. The theory of the suicide seeems to be excluded, in favour of an accidental type as cause.

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