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Iran will not hesitate to detroy spy airplanes of the United States

Tehran, Iran - It was reported by the media of the Islamic Republic, in recent days a new air defense missile system has been tested

Iran will not hesitate to destroy the spy airplanes of the United States that will enter the air space of the Country, it was declared by the commander of the Iranian Air Defense Force Farzad Esmaili. In an interview with the national television that was reported by media, the general said that in the last six months two US aircraft have been warned: an U-2 reconnaissance aircraft -on March 21- and on August 26 a RQ-4 drone. The pilot of the U-2 -a strategic recoinnassance that was built in the past by Lockheed and which is still being used in many scenarios- would have been intercepted and would have known that he was tracked by two radars and missile systems. Esmaili also told that the new Bavar-373 missile air defense system has been tested, that was built in Iran and has specifications similar to the Russian S-300. This last system instead -the S-300- since last March is part of the military equipment of the Country. The statements fit in the framework of the delicate relations between the two Countries and of their mutual allegations. In August the US Navy reported a hazardous flight of an Iranian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in close proximity of an F/A-18E of the US, with "dangerous and unprofessional" altitude changes that would have compelled the aircraft pilot to maneuver to avoid collision (see AVIONEWS).

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