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Hurricane Irma: evacuations in the Caribbean and in Florida, the airplane of the Pope changed its route

Rome, Italy - Expected winds up to 295 km/h, the hurricane is the strongest one ever from the Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane "Irma" that with category 5 and sustained winds up to 185 miles per hour (almost 300 km/h) is the strongest one ever recorded among those started in the Atlantic Ocean, touched the first Antilles islands. After hitting the Island of Barbuda it continued on its path toward north-west, damages and flooding were registered in Saint Martin. The central part of the hurricane being anticipated by rains is reaching the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. According to the forecast of the National Hurricane Center of the United States it should proceed along the coasts of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas until it will reach Florida in the weekend. In anticipation of the arrival of the bad weather and after the damages that were caused in recent days by tropical thunderstorm "Harvey" (see AVIONEWS 1 and 2), the US President Donald Trump declared the state of emergency and decided safety measures and evacuation orders in the areas at risk, as Key West in Florida. Meanwhile, because of the hurricane the Alitalia airplane by which Pope Francis is traveling that this morning took off from the Rome-Fiumicino airport heading to Colombia (see AVIONEWS) would be following a route that was slightly modified and pushed more to the South before the departure.

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