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Drone over Saint Peter's Basilica, aircraft confiscated and charges for the owner

Rome, Italy - Italian carabinieri catched yesterday a Russian tourist who was filming in violation of Italian laws

Over the historic centre of Rome and over Vatican City there is for safety reasons a ban on flights, a no-fly zone that some tourists continue to ingnore, we do not know if for a lack of information about the Italian laws, for the lack of a proper and updated restriction system by the manufacturers of drones, or for simple disregard. A 42 year old Russian citizen was catched yesterday by Italian carabinieri while he was making videos with his UAV -Unmanned Aerial Vehicle- near Saint Peter, violating in that way article 1102 of the Italian Code of Navigation, a regulation that provides -excluding the possible additional offence that is described by article 260 of Italian Penal Code, about "the illegal access in military places and unjustified ownership of spy equipment"- for up to two years' imprisonment and for a fine of up to 516 euros. The UAV and the memory card were therefore confiscated and the user was charged. Other similar incidents happened in Rome at the end of August (see AVIONEWS). A behaviour that not only does not respect the no-fly zone, but that does not consider that for unmanned aerial vehicles and for model airplanes there are also bans on flights over populated areas and over crowds of people.

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