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"Terracina Air Show": Eurofighter airplane crashed. The pilot, Gabriele Orlandi, dead -2 VIDEO

Latina, Italy - His body recovered. The accident happened before exhibition by the Italian PAN "Frecce Tricolori". Event cancelled

An Eurofighter airplane of the flight experimental Division of the Italian Air Force (AMI) crashed yesterday, in the final phase of its flight plan during the "Terracina Air Show", near Latina (Lazio Region). The crash causes are still unknown, according to a note issued by the AMI. The body of the pilot Capt. Gabriele Orlandi, 36, has been recovered yesterday. The rescue operations have begun immediately after the impact into the sea thanks to the vehicles on the site. The Italian Air Force has started the procedures to verify the crash causes, and express to his family its condolences, together with those by the Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti, and the Chief of Staff of the Defence, Gen. Claudio Graziano and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Force, Gen. Air Squadron Enzo Vecciarelli. The exhibition of the multirole fighter of the fourth generation came first that by the National Acrobatic Team (PAN) "Frecce Tricolori". And the event has been cancelled, obviously for clear reasons. The pilot exited from an acrobatic figure at a very low altitude, according to the numerous witnesses and how the video below shows, and he didn't succceed to eject. The airplane crashed into the sea a few hundreds of meters from the beach.

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