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ICAO Council President highlights pertinence of its global plans to effective leadership

Montreal, Canada - At 27th "ACI AFRICA/WORLD Conference"

Delivering his keynote address to the "27th ACI AFRICA/WORLD Conference" in Port Louis, Mauritius, on the theme of ‘bold leadership in a time of change’, ICAO Council President Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu highlighted sectoral growth, commercial space flight and emerging unmanned and remotely-piloted aircraft technologies as some of the key challenges facing contemporary civil aviation leaders and planners. Regarding growth, President Aliu highlighted that the projected doubling of flight and passenger volumes by the early 2030s poses significant risks to air transport safety performance, network capacity and efficiency, security preparedness, and emissions mitigation targets. He also remarked upon the risks it poses to air transport’s role in supporting enhanced sustainable prosperity wherever States have established ICAO-compliant aviation connectivity. In response to these numerous and diverse challenges, President Aliu noted that ICAO has set out detailed planning and targets which have been endorsed by ICAO’s Member States in the agency’s Global Plans for aviation safety and air navigation. He further added that aviation security responses and coordination would be benefitting from a similar Global Plan for aviation Security, which is expected to be endorsed by the ICAO Council in November. Some of the further responses highlighted by the Council President in this regard included ICAO’s World Aviation Forums, which are helping governments, partners and investors to work with one another more effectively on large-scale aviation development projects, ICAO’s inaugural Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Global Summit, which seeks to ensure a sufficient skilled workforce to handle future sectoral demand, and the numerous means by which ICAO has been forging progress and cooperation of late to help minimize air transport’s environmental impacts. He added in concluding stressed how more progress will be achieved on the basis of the excellent cooperation established between States, ACI and other industry stakeholders through ICAO.

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