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Airplanes. Pedestrian finds envelope with delicate data of Heathrow airport: London quivers

London, UK - 76 files with details of the airport security plans, but also the program of itineraries of the Queen and details on her safety net

The news, departed from "Sunday Mirror", yesterday spread on all British tabloid. An uninformed pedestrian has discovered by chance on the way an USB key in an envelope with Heathrow Airport security plans. A total of 76 confidential files and not coded with video, maps and at least 174 documents classified as confidential and passable without a password. The man brought it at the newpaper editorial office, Sunday edition of the "Daily Mirror", and sent it to the Police. A "Bomb" that has alerted also Buckingham Palace because it seems that in the documents there were also hours and itineraries of the anti-terrorism teams to protect the airport, the codes to access to off limits areas, maps of the closed circuit cameras, of tunnels and escape route, details and operating manual of the ultrasound radar system, satellite images, but also the exact itinerary made by the Queen when she goes to the airport, the security measures adopted to protect her, and details of the royal suite that in the airport hosts the Queen, ministers and foreign dignitaries. A real threat to the national safety is ended in the wrong hands, according to the police sources. Mainly in terms of terrorism and spying, and the worry is strong that these data can have been shared and/or sold on the "Dark websites". But mainly, who had access to them? Why they have been copied? And for which use? These are questions that the safety of the Country to ask in these hours, mainly the investigators that work on the urgent inquiry opened shortly after the fact by the Governmental authorities, in close collaboration with those of the airport. A spokesperson of the airport declared: "The security plans have been re-examined in the light of the fact happened, and the airport remains alert towards possible threats: security measures are in stable evolution and updated on a daily basis. The officials of the security have also opened an internal inquiry to understand what and how has occurred it. We are taking all actions in order to prevent that something of similar happens in the future".

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