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Planes-helicopters. Babcock Italia launches project for signal of obstacles to flight -VIDEO

Rome, Italy - It is necessary a national regulation for control and census of power cables, cableways, antennas or pylons, that represent the main danger for the flying activities (rescue and firefighting)

To strip down impact risk with obstacles during the flying activities: this is the aim of the project launched by Babcock Italia, leader company in the rescue service by helicopter sector. In the flight activities for rescue service and firefghting the collision risk with power cables, antennas, pylons, cable ways or new cables used for sport-ludic activities represents the main danger. For this it is necessary that such obstacles are signalled and took a census on all territory. To date there is not a national mapping of the same, that represent a stable threat in the flying activities. In fact about a crash per year is due to the impact with cables, even three in the only Summer 2017. The current regulatory context predicts signal of existing obstacles only in particular delicate areas, as those near airports and beyond certain heights. Such situation doesn't allow a navigation in absolute safety, For this, Babcock started an internal project that involves all structure, to train its pilots also through experience on site, to manage of such danger. Babcock in addition is collaborating with helicopters' manufacturer industries for stable research of advanced solutions and technologies, that help in the signal of obstacles. Then this is not enough: the particular configuration of the territory, the diversity of the obstacles, so as their coloration, complicate this activity. It is necessary a collaboration among all stakeholders to have a national regulatory that predicts signal and mapping of these obstacles, on all territory. Below, the video:
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