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Mistery about the death of a Saudi Prince: a shot down helicopter, or an accident? The implications... -2 VIDEOS

Tehran, Iran - The day after the wave of arrests of princes and prominent persons. An intricate story, among struggles for power and claimants to the throne?

The rumors that were reported today by the Iranian news channel in Arabic language "Al-Alam News" about the death that occurred yesterday evening of the Saudi-Arabian Prince Mansour bin Muqrin -which was announced briefly and without any further detail by the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia- bounced as a crazy little ball on social networks. Officially he died in an helicopter accident. Coincidentally, the day after the "purge" that was decided by Riyadh with the arrest last Saturday -and a freeze of their personal effects- of over ten Princes and dozens of former-Ministers as a part of a major anti-corruption operation. The accident occurred in the Asir region while Mansour bin Muqrin was flying by his personal helicopter -it seems it was a Sikorsky S-70A-1 Desert Hawk- with seven high government officials toward Abha, about fourty kilometers from the coasts of the Red Sea, officially for job duties. But what does the brief statement conceal? Rumors are getting more and more direct and specific: the Prince would have died togheter with the seven officials in the shooting down of the helicopter by fighter airplanes of the national air force. Actually it seems that the Prince was flying abroad just to escape from the wave of arrests, and he would have been killed for this reason. Also, rumors insist: the operation of "cleansing" from corruption would conceal a fierce struggle for the power. About this point in particular, the Iranian tv went into a detailed description in an article that was published online. It would be a real fight; an intricate dynastic story in the shadow of the Crown, that just for the moment ended with the death of Mansour bin Muqrin, who was a former-governor of the Asir province, and son of that Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz who was a former-director of the secret services of the Country and also a heir to the throne. The rumors see in the wave of arrests that involved not only the more powerful princes, but also military officers, influential businessmen and government ministers -and in the killing of Mansour bin Muqrin- a set of steps aimed to strengthen the power of the young heir to the throne, "Al-Alam" concludes. It seem that among the victims there would also be the deputy of the Emirate of Asir, Salman al-Jureish, the secretary Saleh al-Qadi always from the emirate, and the Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud. The helicopter disappeared from radars yesterday evening local time; after a couple of hours the death of the passengers was announced. Below, the video shows the rescues; further below the Prince gets on the helicopter that will fall shortly after:

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