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ENAC-FATA: SIP signed for the Italian-Russian SSJ-100 airplane

Rome, Italy - The technical agreement is attached to the bilateral MoU in airworthiness between the two Countries, signed in 1989

"The general director of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), Alessio Quaranta, and the general manager of the FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency), Alexander Neradko, signed yesterday (November 6, 2017) at the Authority's headquarters, the 'Schedule of Implementation Procedure' (SIP) regarding the Sukhoi RRJ-95 commercial airplane, that allows Authority to continue cooperation with the Russian one competent for the production of the SSJ-100 of 100 seats, certified by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The RRJ-95 Suhoi Superjet 100 is sold in the western markets by the Russian-Italian company SuperJet International SpA based in Venice-Tessera airport, where aircraft is prepared with interiors produced and certified by EASA, according to safety standards predicted by the community regulations. The technical agreement between ENAC and FATA is attached to the bilateral contract regarding airworthiness between Italy and Russian Federation, signed in 1989, only Mou in force in all European Union on this theme with the Russian Federation, because signed before the EASA's constitution. On the basis of the instructions included in the Communitary Regulation nr 216 of 2008, the bilateral agreement Italy-Russian Federation can be used by all member States of the Union. In addition the technical document signed yesterday with FATA, followed that one in 2013, signed by ENAC-IAC/AR (Interstate Aviation Committee-Aviation Register) that has underlined an excellent collaboration between the two aeronautical authorities during all implementation phase, permitting throught technical verifications carried out by ENAC, the import of the SSJ-100 destined to operate in some European Countries and in Mexico. At the bilateral meeting for the signing have participated the signers Alessio Quaranta, DG of ENAC and Alexander Neradko DG of FATA. Among the others: for ENAC Alessandro Cardi, general deputy manager, Giuseppe Daniele Carrabba, director of Air regulation and Pietro Barbagallo, delegate of production regulation; for the Russian Federation Oleg Bocharov, vice minister of Industry and trade, for the JSC 'Sukhoi Civil Aircraft' Boris Alesihin and Igor Vinogradov and for SuperJet International Stefano Marazzani, CEO and Nazario Cauceglia, President".

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