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Airplanes and finance. ANA Holdings financial results for the six month period ended in September

Tokyo, Japan - The outlook

Ana Holdings reported its financial results for the six months ended September 30, 2017. Overview - ANA HD has delivered a record-high profit performance during the first half of the financial year, with operating revenues up 11.3% to 985.0 billion yen, operating income up 28.5% to 115.0 billion yen and ordinary income up 35.1% to 112.7 billion yen compared to the same period last year. - All business segments delivered increased revenues, with the strongest contribution from the Air Transportation business. - Air Transportation benefitted from robust demand as well as a strong operating performance, particularly from International Passenger Services and Cargo Services. - Net profit attributable to owners of the Parent of 118.3 billion yen reflects the inclusion of exceptional income from Peach Aviation Limited as a consolidated subsidiary from this fiscal year. - ANA Group continues focusing on enhancing its world-leading service and has received the maximum 5-Star rating from Skytrax in 2017 for the fifth consecutive year. Also, ANA was awarded “World’s Best Airport Services” for the sixth time and “Best Airline Staff in Asia” for the fourth time at Skytrax 2017 World Airline Awards. - In terms of the outlook, ANA HD expects operating revenue for the full year ending March 31, 2018, to be 15.0 billion yen higher than set out in the consolidated earnings forecast on 28 April 2017, and profit attributable to owners of the Parent to be 7.0 billion yen higher. Outlook for the FY2017 (April 2017 - March 2018) - Improvements in domestic employment, the Japanese income environment and the effect of various government policies suggest a continued, gradual recovery in the Japanese economy. However, the outlook is subject to risks, such as a downturn in domestic or international economies, terrorism and/or conflict in Europe and the Middle East. - As a result of continued strong revenues from Domestic Passenger Services, International Passenger Services and International Cargo Services, a 15.0 billion yen increase in operating revenues is expected compared to the consolidated earnings forecast set out on 28 April 2017. - As a result, profit attributable to owners of the Parent is expected to rise by 7.0 billion yen.

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