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Aircraft and transport. ICAO Council President highlights solutions to sector challenges

Montreal, Canada - In keynote address to "IFATSEA 47th General Assembly"

ICAO Council President Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu delivered a message focused on growth, innovation and partnership earlier this week, when delivering his keynote address to the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations 47th General Assembly in Montréal. He reminded his audience of air traffic safety electronics personnel that the shared intent of all air transport stakeholders globally must be to sustain or improve how safely, securely, and efficiently the air transport network continues to perform despite its significant and continuous growth. President further reminded his IFATSEA audience that ICAO will be conducting its second Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium, or GANIS, this December, and that their presence there would bring benefit to the proceedings being planned. Appreciating that one of the key areas where ICAO and IFATSEA cooperation has seen solid results is in the training domain, he stressed that aviation sustainability is threatened on many fronts today in light of the projected shortages of skilled personnel which have come to light in recent years, and that human resources development is therefore essential to the long-term viability of air transport operations. President Aliu concluded by commenting that ICAO’s No Country Left Behind initiative is presently striving to assure that all States can access the benefits of air transport equally, a priority which references ICAO’s efforts to help States take advantage of the fact that safe and dependable air transport operations enable the achievement of so many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted under the UN Agenda 2030.

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