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Leonardo: and the showdown...

Rome, Italy - The results of the first 9 months showed a loss of 23% of profits

For many years Finmeccanica -Leonardo has been the flagship of Italian aerospace industry, envied also by its main industrial competitors all around the World. It is a few years that this company has become the Cinderella of the industry both in Italy and abroad. According to someone the decline would have been caused by the fact that the top managers who followed one another in recent years did not want to respect the rules of legal, economic, or productive clarity. Managers like Giuseppe Orsi, Alessandro Pansa, and lastly Mauro Moretti , who would have been only able to "tear up" the souls of many managers and directors who had set up the success of the company Finmeccanica-Leonardo with their enthusiasm and commitment. You can't change name, from Finmeccanica to Leonardo, and think to get rid of the past... At the end the past is irrefutable, and you reap what you saw... There is nothing to be surprised in fact if the last report that was published yesterday by Leonardo, showed in the numbers a negative mark with profit at - 23%: a fault of that past that in the last administration was not able to build a business strategy. And then attention must be paid also to whom who compiled the accounts of the last balance sheet of Leonardo that "harmonizes" the numbers of the most important voices, thinking that he can get away with it; but the Italian stock market did not believe it, penalising today the quotation of Leonardo that lost 20%, also because of the decrease of two of the guidances of 2017. Some financial analysts interviewed by AVIONEWS said that the profit warnings issued by banks, among which Fidentiis, Kepler Banca Atos Banca Imi and Equita, will need to get at least at the first semester 2018 to be able to review their estimates. And that for the action of Leonardo after the fall of today at the Italian Stock Exchange, it will be necessary to wait for the opening of foreign stock markets; if they will confirm the negative 20% of the shareholder value, a long time will be necessary for an economic recovery of the industry ex-Finmeccanica.

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