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Elitaliana's helicopters fly towards Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia - Commander Giulivi met the Minister of Transport of the Asian Country with the aim to start a cooperation

Elitaliana aims to bring Italian excellence in Armenia: led by its CEO Alessandro Giulivi a delegation from the oldest Italian helicopter company met Vahan Martirosyan -Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia- in order to fly Italian helicopters over the Asian Country. At the meeting that took place in Yerevan -the Armenian capital- Elitaliana outlined its products and its different models of aircraft, highlighting its usefulness in mountainous regions, and how they would allow to offer some of those services that the company carries out with great success in Italy -founded in 1964 the company is active in all the fields in which helicopters are used, among which air transport of people and cargo, and air work alongside with operations for Italian Civil Defence and Police, environmental monitoring, emergency medical services and forest firefighting-: in particular in Armenia operations should be in the fields of medical, cargo and tourist transport, connecting Yerevan with the most remote regions of the Country. The opportunities that Elitaliana offered got the interest of the Minister and of local press that reported the news, so much that talks on the proposals of the Italian company will continue also with other government departments.

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