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Bali: Augung volcano stops air transport in the region

Denpasar, Indonesia - The international airport was closed, passengers are transferred by ferries to Java

After the many cancellations of these hours by main air carriers the closure of the Denpasar "Ngurah Rai" International Airport in the island of Bali (Indonesia) was decided today by local authorities for safety reasons: the activity of the Agung volcano -that woke up again in August- continues to grow and a forthcoming eruption is considered very likely to happen. The column of ashes and smoke reached an altitude of several kilometers, falling back to the ground and covering roads and houses; to create a safety zone of ten kilometers tens of thousands of people are being evacuated, because the signs coming from Agung -among which lava accumulation and earth tremors- suggest a possible evolution of the phenomenon: in the explosive eruption in 1963 the victims were about 1600. The closure of the Denpasar airport is expected at least until Tuesday morning, with updates every six-hours; for the passengers who cannot leave the island local authorities and airlines are setting transfers by bus to the ferries for reaching by sea Java (Indonesia) and its airports.

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