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Meeting among 350 aerospace companies; event in Turin (Italy) on Wednesday and Thursday

Turin, Italy - The opening ceremony tomorrow morning in front of Chiamparino (Region), Battiston (ASI) and Profumo (Leonardo)

The Piedmont Region website published yesterday that: "Aerospace and Defense Meetings" will take place on November 29 and 30 at the Oval Lingotto in Turin. It is the sixth edition of the international business convention for the aerospace and defense industry in Italy and it represents an occasion through planned conferences and one-to-one customized meeting, to create business relationships, to develop new projects with companies coming from worldwide, to optimize research on innovation and products of new suppliers. The event will see the participation of over 350 industries of 24 Countries, 50 among them based in Piedmont besides to the great companies of the sector (Avio SpA, Ge Avio Aero, Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space, UTC Aerospace Systems). The Nations present are: Italy, France, Germany, Poland, UK, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Holland, Slovenia, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UAE, Czech Republic, Philippines, Thailandia, China and Tunisia. The opening ceremony will take place tomorrow (November 29) at 11am with a round-table meeting on the Italian and Piedmontese point of view in the European and international strategy of aerospace and defense. Sergio Chiamparino (President of Piedmont Region), Roberto Battiston (President of Italian Space Agency, ASI) and Alessandro Profumo (CEO of Leonardo) will discuss about it. The meetings are presented today (November 28) at 2:30pm during an international conference entitled "Digital Transformation and Aerospace Industry 4.0" dedicated to evolution requested to the SME to face procurement policies of the great industry.

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