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Airplanes. Alitalia: Italian Minister Calenda aims to reach a conclusion before the elections but does not want that anyone take advantage of the situation

Rome, Italy - Di Maio (M5S) thinks that the airline must not be sold below cost into pieces: cost can be reduced by 30% first

Talking yesterday morning at the "Radio anch'io" radio show of Rai, the Italian Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda answered a question about Alitalia and in particular about the possibility that taking more time might alienate the potential buyers of the air carrier: "Times are not at all slow, yesterday I was with the commissioners, I also meet and talk to the potential investors constantly, we are moving on, the timing will be fast and I wish to be able to close the matter before the elections, also because afterwards it will become very complex; but I don't want that for this reason anybody can take advantage of the situation, so we say that there is a time for negotiation, and a serious and demanding negotiation, but it must be carried out also because otherwise Alitalia can't survive, as it is". Also the deputy of the Italian party Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) Luigi Di Maio spoke about the matter, yesterday in Milan (Italy) to visit "Oasi dei clochard" -a facility that gives hospitality to people in difficulty which is structured as a village of prefabricated little houses and was opened a few months ago thanks to the collaboration of the "City Angels" voluntary association and the Social Services Department of the Municipality of Milan-: answering to the press Di Maio said that the airline -"a heritage for the Italian people"- must not be sold below cost into pieces but must be "reorganized"; for the politician it is necessary to optimize the costs that could be reduced by 30% and then "we will discuss on how to negotiate with those who submitted an offer". For further details also see AVIONEWS

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