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Airplanes. Lufthansa and Air Berlin purchase: EU postpones decision

Brussels, Belgium - Put off in automatic manner to examine other documents

The deadline for the decision by EU regarding the Air Berlin-Lufthansa operation postponed from 7 to 21 of December. A spokesperson of the European Commission confirmed it, explaining that it is an automatic postponement when new documents are presented on efforts to answer to the doubts of the Antitrust. "We have received later this night documents with the efforts proposed by Lufthansa, and now my team will study and verify if they are sufficient or less", the European commissioner of the competition, Margrethe Vestager declared it, answering to the journalists on the matter on the sideline of her speech at the plenary of the European Committeee of the Regions, "We have worries for the competition", she added. "We are meeting with the Lufthansa team in order to make to know them the development status of the things and our fears. We have closer deadlines, I will have then further news after the week-end. Now we are in the analysis phase -of the efforts presented by Lufthansa Ed notice, because the problem is that if it is seen to the number of routes in question there is the risk that the customers are damaged due to the operation, that would bring to a monopoly".

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