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Performed static and fatigue analysis on the Sonaca 200 airplane

Gosselies, Belgium - The delivery of the first model is scheduled for the beginning of 2018

The static and fatigue analysis for the Sonaca 200, a single-engined two-seater designed for training and leisure flights, were undertaken entirely within the SONIA environment (Structure design Environment, Numerical Analyses & Virtual Testing, Sonaca). This is a structural computing environment that has been developed by the aerospace equipment manufacturer. This approach has been developed over more than 15 years and has been validated by numerous tests. It is used for certifying Sonaca aircraft. It allows innovation in the design of aircraft and more efficiency in terms of weight reduction. After successfully passing the static test programme as well as all stability, noise, vibration, performance and stall tests, the Sonaca 200 begins the final flight-test phase (spin test). The company completes the steps to obtain DOA (Design Organisations Approvals, EASA). Delivery of the first airplanes is still scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

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