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US Department of Commerce confirms duties on import of Bombardier airplanes

Rome, Italy - To apply the taxes is anyhow necessary the final determinaton of the International Trade Commission

The Department of Commerce of the United States confirmed on Wednesday its final determination on the Boeing-Bombardier issue: according to the Cabinet department of the federal US government the Canadian manufacturer would have sold the C-Series airplanes to Delta at 79.82% less than the "fair" market value, receiving subsidies from Canada at a rate of 212.39%. This decision confirms the intention of the Department to set countervailing duties to the import of the aircraft, which would be just below 300% of the sale price. To issue them it is now necessary to wait for the determination of the US International trade Commission (ITC) that on Monday had an hearing with the involved parties -among whom Bombardier, Canada and the United Kingdom- about Boeing's allegations and that shall express itself at the beginning of February. Boeing addressed to authorities accusing Bombardier of "dumping", of selling its aircraft below their production cost thanks to State subsidies, damaging the market; the Canadian industry believes instead that Boeing petition is an attack to airlines, to customers and to the same US aerospace industry and says that the decision of the Department of Commerce "ignores long-standing business practices in the aerospace industry, including launch pricing and the financing of multibillion dollar aircraft programs". For further details also see AVIONEWS

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