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"Eleanor" beats France and UK: strong winds, aircraft and transport in difficulty

Paris, France - Closed Basle-Mulhous-Fribourg Eurofacility and that in Strasbourg. The storm rages now to North

The "Carmen" tempest was not enough in the last days that has hit France lashed with winds up to 100 km/h. Last night Ile de France has been interested also with the passage of "Eleanor", that in its intense running towards UK has beaten the Paris' symbol, the Tour Eiffel, with blasts that have touched its top to a speed of over 150km/h (more than 110 at ground), reaching the coast with the same intensity. The transition has caused interruption of air traffic at the European airport in Basels-Mulhous-Fribourg and to that one in Strasbourg. Over 200,000 buildings this morning were without power, and while the Mayor of the capital has decided closures to face orange alarm, hardships are recorded also on the national air traffic. If in France it is predicted that emergency will finish in early afternoon of today, "Eleanor" has already arrived on the Atlantic Ocean, is lashing the UK with winds over 160 km/h and it is heading to North, where both in Ireland and in Scotland, as well as in England, has been diffused a weather alert status. Also here many facilities are already without electricity, many arterial roads are closed and difficulties there are in the airports and in the transports due to very strong blasts. Coastal floods are predicted and authorities recommend citizens to keep away from ways that twisted and turned. Valuations expect a quick transition and rebound starting from late evening of today.

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