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India. Argument in cockpit: pilot and copilot leave control of aircraft

Mumbai, India - It happened last January 1st on a Jet Airways plane, according to the local press reported it today

The Indian local press reported it today but the fact happened on New Year's Day on a B-777 airplane of the Indian carrier Jet Airways, on the London-Mumbai route with 324 passengers and 14 crewmembers on board. Two of older pilots of the airline at control: the captain, a woman and the copilot. Following to a dispute seems happened shortly after take-off from London Airport, according witnesses copilot has slapped the higher, who has left in tears the cockpit taking refuge sobbing in kitchenette on board, where staff has trying to console her and to convince her to return in her post. In the meanwhile copilot through intercom requested steward and hostess to convince her to return. In the face of uncontrollable crying crisis, it is at this point that also copilot has left unprotected post to reach kitchen, succeeding only after some minutes to bring her again at the control of airplane. Also if the aircraft has then landed regularly and safely, the event has worried a lot the staff on board, and the terrified passengers from the fact that none piloted the plane. The thing has been reported to the Indian civil aviation authority (DGCA) that has opened an inquiry on the event, and pending on the results has revoked the flight licence to copilot. The news has been diffused in all Country and on newscast. This has persuaded airline in its turn to suspend both, pending on the results of an internal inquiry and consequent actions.

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