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Airplanes. It is all ready between Alitalia and Lufthansa: only official notice lacks

Rome, Italy - The negotiations between two airlines almost concluded, according to the terms already unveiled by AVIONEWS

It is to remember this name: Michael Kraus. He is a greatly specialized person of Lufthansa, very respected by the head negotiator of the German carrier Joerg Eberard. For 11 years he managed Air Dolomiti as CEO and then knows very well the Italian market and speaks fluently the Italian language. He is very likely that he becomes the Alitalia CEO at the negotiations closing. To close three knots are to dissolve. The first one is about the times, influenced by the political elections of next March 4. It is necessary to decide if close definitively negotation before vote (with mystery represented by the new Government that will be formed, that could put across if it would not share choice), or if to close after vote with approval (potential) by the new Government avoiding the second time of failure of the Air France operation of 2008. It is sure that urgence is due also by the need to organize prior notice the Summer season. The second problem on which commissioners and Lufthansa are working is about return to the State of 900 millions of loan. The Germans are ready to pay about 300 millions (also on this amount is discussing) and would take Alitalia without debt (neither towards State, that is favourite creditor, nor towards the other creditors). The third important and delicate knot is about staff redundancies. Lufthansa is very firm to ask at least 2,000 ones for the aviation sector that is that one to interest it, while for handling (that Lufthansa doesn't interest it), extraordinary trio Laghi-Gubitosi-Paleari have to to decide destiny of 4,000 representatives. In the meanwhile the commissioners continue to cease the labor relations with some directors. It would seem that Tatiana Bonito -managing, very appreciated, of staff management-, Antonio Saetta -for three years finance and strategy director - and Laura Cavatorta -managing of the Customer Service division, long term executive in Alitalia, very appreciated and known in the sector-, will leave company at the end of January. A question is instinctive: these exits of numerous managers in the last period are a choice of the commissioners to replace them with people of their appreciation, or are choices that meet to a functional strategy to interest of next buyers? We would see... For that concerning the future of Gubitosi, we notice, only for the record, that there are some uncontrolled rumours according to them he could have a role in the new company that the Germans will have to to establish to acquire assets of Alitalia-SAI. All this appears to us absolutely without reason and basis. In fact it would create a paradoxical situation that would arouse many suspects if it should happen that one of the commissioners, and then person that participates actively at the assignment to the hightest bidder of the asset of the insolvent Alitalia, should have a role in the new Alitalia. See for details AVIONEWS.

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