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Turkey. Plane in a cliff for runway excursion

168 on board, all uninjured. The black boxes recovered -3 VIDEO

A runway excursion took place last Saturday on January 13 at approximately 11:30pm local time, a B-737/800 scheduled airplane operated by Pegasus Airlines after landing at Trabzon airport in Turkey. On board 6 crewmembers and 162 passengers, all unhurt, coming from the Ankara airport from which the aircraft had taken off.

After having touched the ground the airplane -it seems for a sudden increase of power of one of the engines- has continued its path ending on the steep cliff on the sea, approximately 2400 m beyond the left side of the runway 11. Once stopped, from the level of the asphalt to the rescuers was visible only the tail. And it is from the rear that passengers and crew have been evacuated through the emergency exits.

The runway 11 of the airport located in the eastern region of the Black Sea, allows a landing distance of 2640 m. From the point where the excursion took place, the height of the runway is about 30 meters above sea level. At the time of the accident the weather indicated rain. The Turkish civil aviation authority, after having heard pilot and co-pilot resulted then negative at the alcohol tests, collected the black boxes now subjected to analysis.

"While we were preparing for the usual maneuvers to the right of the coast by reducing our speed, the right engine suddenly gained power for a reason that we do not know. For this the aircraft went out of our control and is immediately slipped on the left going to get stuck on the mud", the captain of the plane stated it according to the local press. Now the investigators to determine the causes of an event that fortunately, if not for a great fear, has not caused other consequences.

Below, the accident, the rescue, the evacuation:

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