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Helsinki Airport: nearly 19 million passengers last year

It is a vital hub in the traffic of Northern Europe, mainly for Asian passengers

In 2017, the Finnish airport company Finavia served nearly 22.7 million passengers at its 21 airports. Helsinki Airport, the largest one in Finland, broke its record with nearly 19 million passengers in a year. The Lapland airports in Northern Finland achieved their milestone of one million air passengers earlier in the year than ever before.

For the entire country, the passenger numbers increased by 10.8% in December and a total of 9.2% in 2017. The growth reflects the positive year of the Finnish airline Finnair, the allure of Finland and the increasingly important status of Helsinki Airport as a hub in the European air traffic for Asian passengers. 

According to statistics, Helsinki Airport served a total of more than 18.9 million passengers in 2017. The passenger number of the largest airport in Finland increased by a total of 9.9% in one year and that of international air traffic by 11.4%.

The second largest increase in passenger numbers after Helsinki Airport was seen at Finavia’s airports in Lapland. However, the passenger numbers at Oulu, the largest airport in Finland after Helsinki Airport, remained slightly under one million due to a runway renovation in the summer.

As usual, the largest numbers of passengers in 2017 came from Germany, Sweden, Spain and Great Britain. Passengers from the EU represented more than 71.4% of all passengers on scheduled flights. However, the numbers of passengers from Japan, China, Russia and Hong Kong saw the largest growth at Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport is a vital hub in the air traffic of Northern Europe, especially for Asian passengers. In 2017, the number of transit passengers at it increased by 17.6%. The growth was particularly strong during the last six month of the year, reaching a difference of up to 25% to the corresponding period of the previous year at a monthly level.

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