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Saab delivers manuals to the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

The transfer from the Swedish company was finalised in January 2018

Saab has successfully set up and produced maintenance manuals for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s new airliner, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ). This is the largest technical information contract Saab has received related to a non-Saab product.

In 2009, Mitsubishi Aircraft assigned Saab to write technical documentation for the MRJ. Development of technical information demands great technical knowledge and understanding.

Since then, maintenance manuals containing tens of thousands of pages, all written in simplified, technical English, have been produced. They will serve as basis for the in-service support of the aircraft and are currently being transferred to Mitsubishi Aircraft in preparation of the flight testing and certification phase of the MRJ development. The transfer from Saab was finalised in January 2018.

The project has also been covering design and production of the technical information system that holds the manuals. The design and development is performed in Japan, whilst the setup and production for technical information is located at Saab’s premises in Sweden. The system meets the ASD-S1000D standard, an international specification for production of technical publications.

Transferring knowledge and relevant information, in this case 3D design data, from the customer to the technical information specialists is often a complex task. So is setting up a solution regarding processes, methods and tools, with many different parties involved, including sub-contractors.

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