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Alitalia: what happens without a government?

Will the commissioners disclose at least the 2016 management data?

Once the elections are over, let's start talking about concrete things. We are only at the first step because now it will be necessary to find a balance (hopefully not precarious) to give a government to the Italian country, but it will be essential to wait for the situation of verbal aggression between the various parties praises, typical of every election campaign. Then if it will go right there is an Italian Government at the end of May, that is well beyond the deadline of April 30 set by the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda as the final date for the definition of the Alitalia's buyer.

But the purchaser's choice is not neutral with respect to the political forces that will form the Government. Some forces that have purchased a heavy weight with the elections are uncertain about the sale. Potential foreign buyers are waiting to understand with whom they will have to to interface at the political-government level before making any offer. In the meantime Alitalia will continue with a situation of ordinary administration, since the extraordinary commissioners can not make investments or long-term relaunch plans.

With the new political balances, will it be possible to know from the commissioners the data regarding to the last two years of company's management? What is Alitalia's business plan to arrive at the date of sale? Will the carrier's accounts be secured in this phase of political turbulence?

How will Alitalia be reduced at the end of the year?

The Government also serves, and above all, to manage the redundancies that it is easy to predict, unfortunately. We hope that the sense of responsibility by the parties will prevail, and that a Government will soon be given to the Italian country.

Will we be forced to see the commissioners who run the business without political interlocutors as if they were masters?

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