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Russia: cargo plane loses gold and silver during taking off

Uncontrollable "Search to the ingots" -2 VIDEO

An Antonov An-12 cargo plane of the Russian airline Nimbus just took off from the Yakutsk Siberian airport between March 14th and 15th became the protagonist of an episode that caused a confusion among the local population. The aircraft carried a valuable cargo of over 9 tons of gold and silver. According to what was declared by the responsible of the airport the cargo compartment door placed under the belly of the plane was literally ripped off by a "strong turbulence" that made it fall into the snow, causing a gash from which more than 200 leaks ingots (about 3 tons) that spread on the countryside surrounding the airport perimeter.

The pilot diverted route, but part of the load was lost, and even while it was landing again to Yakutsk the plane spread the ingots on the runway. The airport tried to take action: "The security of the perimeter has been strengthened, as was that of the airport in general. In the proximity of the runway no stranger can circulate: there is a regime structure here .. . "said one of the managers. This does not mean that the episode has provoked a "ingot search" both among the employees of the airport and the local citizens.

Stanislav Borodyuk, head of the Moscow representative office of the Canadian company Kinross Gold, owner of the cargo, declared that all the ingots were recovered, but the Russian press still today reports "The inhabitants in Yakutsk look for the valuable ingots that fell from the plane"...

In the video below, the gash at the belly of the airplane, and recovery of ingots on the runway and in the snow:

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