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Trump asks the Pentagon to pay for Mexican border's wall

Congress provides $ 1.6 billion

Something is changing in the White House: the replacement of the Secretary for Veterans Affairs David Shulkin with Admiral Ronny L. Jackson and the pressing on the Pentagon for the payment of the Mexican border's wall continue to warm one of the most contentious Presidency in American history.

As Donald Trump  declared in a tweet published after the 1.6 billion dollars budget approval by the Congress, the construction of the Mexican border's wall will be immediate. The derisory sum obtained by the President, established by the Budget Law last Friday, would have convinced Donald Trump to press the Pentagon and the Armed Forces to get involved in financing the project. Considered by the President a strong point of his election campaign, the Mexican border's wall building could be essential to mantain national security. After meeting up with the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and US House of Representatives speaker Paul Ryan, the President is probably going to receive negative feedbacks. According to Capitol Hill, the idea that the Pentagon will fund the wall would be considered an "improbable prospect". The possible economic intervention of the Pentagon, that would be prevented by numerous appeals to the courts, was defined by the leader of the Democratic senators Charles Schumer "a striking abuse of military funds" .

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