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Missiles on military airport in Syria

Pentagon denies involvement in the raid

According to Syrian State news agency "SANA" (Syrian Arab News Agency), the military airport "T-4" in Homs, central Syria, would have suffered a missile strike this morning.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a non-governmental organization based in London, explained that the Syrian air defense would have succeeded in intercepting five of the eight air-to-surface missiles. None of the Russian military advisers present at the military airport would have been wounded but 14 fighters, including some Iranians, would have lost their lives. The local "SANA" news agency claims that the attack would have been carried out by the United States through the use of F-15 Israeli fighter planes flying over the Lebanese airspace.

The air strikes occurred shortly after a supposed air attack with chemical weapons in the anti-regime militiamen stronghold of Douma. The assault would have caused at least one hundred deaths, mostly women and children.

United States, Great Britain, Poland, Holland, France, Sweden, Kuwait, Peru and Ivory Coast have called an emergency meeting on the chemical attack in Syria.

"Right now, the Department of Defense is not conducting air strikes in Syria, but we continue to monitor the situation closely and support diplomatic efforts to rimind who use chemical weapons in Syria and elsewhere of their responsibilities", replies the Pentagon in a statement, denying any possible United States' involvement in the raid against the Syrian military structure. The attack occurred a few hours after Donald Trump had announced "a great price to pay" for the chemical attack.

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