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Usa, GB, France: raid against Syria -3 VIDEO

The international chessboard of the factions is outlined

USA, France, Great Britain with the applause by the West, by Germany and by Israel. Russia and Iran with Assad. Turkey hesitates

A research facility in the center of Damascus, a chemical weapons storage structure in the west of Homs, a second center nearby, always containing chemical weapons and equipment hit: these are the targets of the attack that the US brought at the 9pm of yesterday in Washington (3 am in Italy) against Syria. About 100 missiles used according to a note issued by the Pentagon; damage is limited, instead the regime of Damascus informs it.

A week has passed since the attack on April 7th with chemical gases in Douma that triggered the harsh reaction by Trump and part of the Western world. And the American president has kept what was promised (see AVIONEWS article connected) tonight European hour with the military support by Britain and France. "Our goal is to destroy the Syrian regime's ability to launch chemical weapons", the president said on live television at 9:00pm in Washington, adding "we will continue the time necessary to destroy their abilities", obviously referring to Assad and to his Russian ally Putin. Moscow has not been informed in advance of the attack against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. But the targets "have been specifically identified" to avoid striking garrisons with Russian forces in Syria, said the head of the United American Joint Staff, Joseph Dunford, during a press conference after the raid. Little mystery on the fact that Moscow has been warned or not: French spokesperson Florence Parly denying America claimed that Russia was alerted in advance.

At the same time in London, Prime Minister Theresa May declared: "there were no alternatives to the use of force". In a note the British Prime Minister said: "I ordered the British forces to conduct coordinated and targeted attacks to reduce the potential of the Syrian regime's chemical armament and to discourage its use. We must stop the Syrian chemical arsenal".

It seems that cruise missiles launched by naval or submarine units were used for the raid. Macron sent fighter aircraft of French production Rafale to the field. Britain four Raf Tornado GR4 and Storm Shadow missiles predictably taken off from the Cypriot base of Akrotiri, which carried out the operation against the installation near Homs. USA a warship stationed in the Red Sea and American B-1 bombers.

Damascus used a Soviet-made ground-air defense system, Moscow said. In particular, it has deployed land-air missile systems "built about 30 years ago in the Soviet Union", the S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadrat. According to the Russian defense ministry, the Al-Dumayr Syrian military airport, located 40 km north-east of Damascus, was attacked by 12 cruise missiles and "all missiles were intercepted".

The Kremlin's response is heavy. The Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov warned: "what happened will not be without consequences". The Russian defensive air forces were put into a state of combat. The West has outlined a preconceived scenario. There will be a response. Vladimir Putin, who intends to request an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, has defined the attack as an "act of aggression" against a country that is fighting terrorism on its territory.

In his speech Trump besides Russia also referred to Iran because together they developed materials and offered assistance with thousands of men to Assad; "Moscow should cease its sinister support to Assad, who betrayed his promises about the elimination of chemical weapons".

Support by the Syrian regime came from the Tehran government. And the statement: "The incident will lead to destabilizing the Middle East area".

Turkey, contended between Russia and America, hesitates as usual: too many interests to openly stand against Russia. Too many interests against. It puts itself in an intermediate position by limiting the definition of "appropriate" attacks. Israel, given Iran's position, and its friendship with the United States, couldn't do anything but line up in favour of the raid: "Syria continues to act as base and to carry out homicidal actions", Tel Aviv said, making clear, however. that the attack will hardly change American politics, considering that Trump has already announced the intention to withdraw the men present in Syria.

Germany stands in favour of its traditional partners, although it insists on political and diplomatic action, confirming its intention expressed in recent days of not wanting to join the military.

"The West acted after losing control of the Syrian conflict", Assad said.

In the videos below, the speech pronounced by Trump announcing the raid; that one by the British May; the attack:

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