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Same time zone for North Korea and South Korea

Clock back by half an hour in Pyongyang

After the meeting that took place on April 27th between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's president Moon Jae-in (see for details AVIONEWS article linked), the two Koreas will return to the same time zone from May 5th. As reported by the South Korean Bureau, Pyongyang and Seoul will again re-standardize their time zone changed in August 2015 by North Korea as a sign of opposition to the "perfidious imperialism of Japan". Clocks back by half an hour in Pyongyang, where the 8 hours and 30 minutes from the Greenwich Meridian time zone has been in force on the Korean peninsula until 1910, Japanese invasion's year.

"I am embittered to see two clocks hanging on the wall of the Peace House, one for Seoul and the other for Pyongyang. Since we changed the time zone, we will return to the original one": these are Kim's words reported by the South Korean spokesman Yoon Young-chan. Compared to the Greenwich Meridian, there will not be 8 hours and a half but 9 hours, further signal of rapprochement following the handshake that has ratified a pact of denuclearization and peace between the two leaders.

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