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Blue Origin suborbital flight test was successful

Space tourism could become reality by 2019

The second flight test for the panoramic Crew Capsule 2.0 designed to transport passengers was completed on Sunday April 29th, thanks to the New Shepard rocket. The Blue Origin suborbital flight project supported by the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos makes the dream of space tourism more and more concrete placing it in the very near 2019.

Ready to be launched with people on board by the end of the year, in this second flight test the capsule left with the Skywalker dummy on board. Launched from the Blue Origin base, near Van Horn in Texas, the reusable New Shepard rocket released the capsule after 2 minutes and 26 seconds from launch. After reaching the altitude chosen for operations (107 km), the two aircraft separately got ready for return. While the capsule activated its retro-rockets and used the three supplied parachutes to land 10 minutes after the take-off, the rocket started its BE-3 engine and reversed the march into the atmosphere.

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