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Niloofar Rahmani obtains asylum in the United States

Death threats for the first Afghan military pilot

Niloofar Rahmani, who has long been threatened with death, has obtained the right to asylum in the United States. The unacceptable desire of the young woman to pilot a fighter plane caused the violent reaction of many countrymen and Kabul government's officials. Forced to leave her country, the 27-year-old had applied for asylum 16 months ago.

Awarded by the American State Department of the international prize "Women of Courage", given every year to 10 women chosen all over the world, the first Afghan military pilot has become a symbol of hope for her country, especially for many young Afghans girls who fight for their freedom every day. The 38-year-old lawyer Kimberley Motley (the only foreigner to have the right to practice in the courts of Afghanistan) legally represents the young Captain. "If she came home she would be in danger," explained the girl's lawyer. Niloofar now only dreams of being able to fly again.

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