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Aircraft and security. Hawaii, Kilauea volcano erupts

evacuation order issued - VIDEO

At the moment volcanic ash has not caused any consequence on the air traffic planned in the area

Announced by strong telluric movements (that lasted for days) and by a large ash cloud, a powerful eruption of the volcano Kilauea in Hawaii forced thousands of people to leave their homes.

Hot lava and steam have reached the residential area around Pahoa and are approaching the coast. Local authorities have issued an evacuation order for around 1500 people and a reception center has been set up in the area. The Hawaii Volcanological Observatory had already identified magma movements in particular in the area of Leilani, part of the great fault of the island. While the US geophysical institute USGS (United States geological survey) warns that "new lava flows could take place and it could be impossible to foresee them", the governor of Hawaii has already mobilized the agents of the National Guard to assist the inhabitants in the delicate evacuation operations and to guarantee the protection of 770 structures abandoned by the residents. At the moment no reports have been received from the authorities regarding the presence of injured people.

Volcanoes like the Kilauea (in Polynesian "smoke cloud that rises") are formed by the presence of a "hot spot" in the earth's crust. These points of molten rock ascent give rise to rare volcanic phenomena, characteristic of few areas of the Earth's surface such as Iceland and Yellowstone. Although there are currently no problems and changes in air traffic, volcanic ash is a heavy consequence of eruptions. Capable of removing visibility, damaging the altitude and speed probes and in some cases blocking the engines, volcanic dust suspended in the air creates many problems for airplanes at high altitude.

Below, video footage taken by a helicopter showing the volcanic ash cloud released before the eruption of Kilauea

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