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Chicks' massacre at Brussels airport

20 thousand ones killed with gas due to a transport problem

Controversy in Belgium where a technical problem caused the death of 20 thousand chicks at Brussels airport.

A container used for the transport of animals should have been loaded on board an aircraft bound for Kinshasa, Congo. The departure of the airplane however has been postponed twice due to technical problems and the dumpster was left on the asphalt under the sun all week-end. According to local press reports, the exporter would have refused to handle the cargo again while the airport staff would have tried to absolve itself from any responsability. To put an end to the suffering of the 20 thousand chicks, it was requested the help of the Fire Brigade present at the airport, but the firemen refused to proceed. So the firemen of the nearby fire station of Zavantem intervented to kill the animals with the gas completing the cruel and necessary suppression.

While local politicians harshly criticize the exporter and the Belgian airport, Giovanni D'Agata, president of the "Sportello dei Diritti" Italian association that also deals with the ethical treatment of animals, accuses those responsible for cruelty and suggests that it could be necessary to take legal action against exporter and airport's employees.

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