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Airplanes and helicopters. Den Pobedy military parade in Moscow

159 military vehicles march in front of the Kremlin

The Victory Day solemn military parade (Den Pobedy in Russian) took place yesterday in the Red Square in Moscow. In front of the Kremlin over 13,000 soldiers marched to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi troops during the Second World War.

Important occasion to give luster to the most modern Russian military vehicles, the event hosted the exhibition of ballistic missiles, bombers, latest generation fighters and tanks while on the skies of the city 75 aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) have flown. Some of the most powerful "war machines" represented the country's armaments: the Uran-9 remote-controlled robot tank, the Kinshal missile designed to hit the target from a ten times faster speed than the speed of sound, the fifth generation Su-57 fighters with Stealth technology and the Russian Army tanks.

During the Den Pobedy parade on live TV Vladimir Putin praised the Soviets who sacrificed their lives during the war and confirmed Russia's intention to open a dialogue on global security. Concerned by the momentary fragility of the world, the Russian leader has therefore criticized "aggressive nationalism" and those that he called "claims of exceptionality". Statement interpreted by some as a veiled reference to the United States the day after Trump's withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement (see for details AVIONEWS article connected). The event was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was ready to start an interview with Putin about the situation of Iran and the Syrian question. At the end of the event the leader of the Kremlin started the commemoration ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Gardens.

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