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Turkey: ground collision between Airbus airliner aircraft -VIDEO

One landed, the other taking off, came into contact at the "Atatürk" in Istanbul

"Wing blow" of an A-330 Asiana Airlines breaks down the vertical stabilizer of an A-321 Turkish

The ground collision took place just before 6:00pm local time at the "Atatürk" international airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Two Airbus airliner aircraft came into contact. The first, an A-321 of Turkish Airlines had just landed, a domestic flight TK969 coming from Ercan, and had stopped about 30 meters before the parking position at the gate of Terminal A. The second, an A-330 of Asiana Airlines, was preparing to operate the flight OZ552 that would take it back to Seoul, South Korea: while it was moving along the taxiway to the runway, the aircraft in overcoming the A-321 hit its vertical stabilizer (breaking it down) with the end of its right wing, which has reported serious damage.

The accident, classified as a collision at the ground, had no other consequences, and the occupants of both aircraft were unharmed. The video below shows the contact moment:

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