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Alitalia: here is the amendment of the Legislative decree

Approved today in the special Senate Commission


AVIONEWS publishes a preview of the amendment on the Alitalia Law Decree approved today by the Special Committee of the Senate, which extends the deadline for the closure of the procedure for the sale of the carrier, and for the repayment of the loan granted by the State:

Lupo, Cioffi, Catalfo, Di Piazza, Paragone, Perilli, Pesco

After paragraph 1, finally add the following:

« 1-bis . The commissioners of the company Alitalia - Società Aerea Italiana - SpA in extraordinary administration transmit to the chambers, every 60 days from the date of entry into force of this provision, a report concerning the economic and financial situation of the company within the sale, highlighting, in particular, the data reported:

a) to the supplying fuel business contracts in course, to the leasing and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contracts, as well as to contracts for outsourced services that are more significant;

b) to the development of trade receivables and other financial assets, both prior to and following extraordinary administration, also rendering account to any outstanding disputes and debt collection and asset recovery activities, aimed at safeguarding the company's capital;

c) to the workforce employed, divided according to the type of contract, and to the number of workers in unemployment benefits;

d) the achievement of the objectives set forth in the transfer program referred to in Article 27, paragraph 2, letter a) of Legislative decree n.270 of July 8th 1999, with particular reference to the repayment terms of the loan to onerous title of 600 million EUR, as for Legislative decree  April 24th 2017, n. 50, converted, with modifications, by law June 21st 2017, n.96, and subsequently increased by an additional 300 million EUR, pursuant to article 12, paragraph 2, of the Legislative decree October 16th 2017, n.148, converted with modifications, by law December 4th 2017, n. 172.

1 -ter. In the first report, the commissioners also relates the activities carried out in the period between the date of entry into force of this decree and the moment of the entry into force of this provision ».

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