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A-330 airplane lands without gear: 53 injured

Operated by the Turkish Onur Air

Already an A-321 of the same airline was landed in an emergency in Russia, a few hours before, due to a problem of depressurization of the cabin

An Airbus A-330/200 airplane, flight SV3818 operated by the Turkish carrier Onur Air with 151 people on board, made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia (yesterday evening local time), redirecting to Jeddah Airport due to a hydraulic problem with the front undercarriage. The aircraft took off from Medina International Airport in Saudi Arabia and was headed for Dhaka, Bangladesh.

After having burnt the fuel on Jedda, and after making two low passages on the runway, the plane landed on the nose with the front landing gear retracted. At this stage and probably even in the evacuation from the aircraft 53 people were injured, one of which seems seriously.

Already the day before yesterday in the morning an A-321 of the Turkish airline had carried out another emergency in Volgograd, Russia, due to a problem of depressurization of the cabin. The plane came from Antalya, Turkey, with 234 people on board.

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