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Moscow prepares tests for the first reusable space rocket

They will carry up to 600 kg of payload in the eliosynchronous orbit

The Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects (FPI) has announced that flight tests of the system demonstrator of the first reusable rocket for space shipments are planned and scheduled for 2022. Boris Satovsky, head of the FPI, also explained how the preliminary project was developed by the Foundation itself, by Roscosmos (the Russian space agency), and by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC, a group of aeronautical and aerospace companies created in 2006 upon initiative by the Russian government).

According to the programs, Satovsky continues in the note issued yesterday, the rocket will be able to transport up to 600 kilograms of payload in the sun-synchronous orbit. "The scheme of operation of the system will involve the separation of the rocket of the first stage at 59-66 km in height, and its return to the same launching post.The return unit will have a large rectangular wingspan and classic tail. In the return flight towards the launch point it will use a modified turbojet standard propeller", he added.

The project of the return missile module has already been completed, and according to preliminary estimates the cost of the payload produced by the reusable system will be 1.5-2 times lower than that of conventional missiles of the same class. Each unit will be able to perform 50 launches from mobile platforms without the replacement of engines, which will work with cryogenic fuel.

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