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US-North Korea Summit: Chinese fighter planes could escort Kim to Singapore

Beijing's influence on the North Korean regime

According to the Hong Kong newspaper "South China Morning Post" in reference to South Korean sources, China could probably use its fighter planes to escort Kim Jong-un on his trip to Singapore where on June the 12th the long-awaited summit between Pyongyang and the United States will take place.(see for details AVIONEWS article connected).

Beijing's decision to take care of the North-Korean leader's security may be an attempt to strengthen the influence on North Korea in view of the meeting with the American leader Donald Trump. It is also likely that the offer of its own military escort represents a clear message addressed to the alliance between the United States and South Korea, a context in which China gives its decisive support to Kim Jong-un.

The air route that the North-Korean leader will use to travel between Pyongyang and Singapore, covering a distance of about 4000 km, is not known yet but it is certain that the security measures will be severe and extreme. According to what a former bodyguard of Kim 's family reported to the Chinese newspaper it is possible that the North-Korean leader will decide to travel through Chinese airspace to take advantage of Beijing's protection.

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