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Summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un: today the historic face to face

"Soon the denuclearization of North Korea"

The US President Donald Trump and the North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un met today at 9 am (local time), 3.00 am in Italy, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island (see for details AVIONEWS article connected) to give life to the long-awaited summit between the two countries.

The handshake between the two representatives, immortalized by thousands of photographs, has sanctioned what will hopefully be a lasting peace agreement. "Kim wants denuclearization and peace any more than I do, he knows it will be good for his people. We have signed a comprehensive document and I believe he will honor his commitments. Kim will start the denuclearization process as soon as he returns to Korea. I can say that I know him well enough now", the American President said at the end of the meeting. "There were a number of problems but we overcame them all and today we are here", explained the North-Korean leader. Although the agreement's details were not disclosed, Pyongyang would have committed to immediately start nuclear disarmament operations while the United States would have announced the suspension of joint US-South Korea maneuvers at the border. Seoul, surprised by the announcement, has decided to take time waiting to be able to analyze and understand the meaning of the decision and the United States' intentions.

The summit between the leaders lasted about forty minutes. After it the meeting between the delegations of the two countries started. With Trump there were the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the National Security Adviser John R. Bolton and the White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly. The two leaders left Singapore separately at around 8pm (local time).

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