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Airplanes, helicopters, drone. Leonardo at the "Seafuture" exhibition

Its latest-generation maritime security systems and capabilities on show

Leonardo participates in the sixth edition of the "Seafuture" naval exhibition, which is being held at the Italian Navy’s La Spezia base on the 19-23 June. During the event, the industry presents some of its leading maritime surveillance products including the remotely-piloted AWHERO helicopter.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of maritime security and surveillance products, which have been chosen by more than 70 international navies to equip more than 1,000 vessels over the past 50 years. Some of these technologies and systems will be on-show on-board the ‘Fasan’ frigate, the first Italian FREMM-class vessel to be configured for Anti-Submarine Warfare missions. The Fasan will be docked at La Spezia and will play host to a number of seminars on the next generation of naval technologies, in which Leonardo will take part.

During the event, the firm presents innovative solutions including ‘cyber security-by-design’ in the maritime context, resistance to electromagnetic attacks, interoperability with autonomous and remotely-piloted systems and a new concept of service provision which takes into account ‘logistics 4.0’. Of special relevance will be a debate on strategies for a European common defence, here Leonardo presents an update on the "OCEAN2020" programme, which the Company leads at a European level. The industry also presents MORPHEUS, an immersive virtual-reality solution for training naval crews in operational and maintenance procedures, faithfully representing the real equipment used on-board ships.

Leonardo's naval sector offer

Its technologies provide customers with complete awareness of the maritime domain. This covers the underwater environment, where the Company produces advanced sensors, torpedoes and remotely-piloted vehicles, the surface environment, where Leonardo supplies naval and coastal surveillance, radars and maritime traffic control and management systems, and in the air, with Leonardo providing fixed and rotary-wing aircraft to maritime and coastal authorities for patrol and search and rescue missions. In Space, the industry provides platforms and technologies for Earth observation missions.

The company is able to design and implement combat and combat-management systems for naval units of all sizes and for all mission types. Its portfolio includes state-of-the-art command and control systems which integrate radar and other surveillance sensors as well as defensive systems that combat threats above and below the surface. The firm can also provide communications systems inside and outside of vessels as well as systems that can identify unknown vessels. All of these solutions have in common the principles of dual-use, making them available for both military and civil security customers. The systems Leonardo offers are scalable and modular and can be integrated onto vessels of any class, making the Company well placed to respond to modernisation and refit requirements.

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