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India. C-90 King Air aircraft crashes: 5 victims, one at the ground

Approaching the runway after a post-maintenance flight -2 VIDEO

A Beechcraft C-90 King Air aircraft registration VT-UPZ while it approached this morning (1:30pm local time) the Juhu Airport runway, a suburb of Mumbai, India, from which it had taken off for a post-maintenance test flight, has crashed on the construction site of a building, killing a passant at the ground and the 4 people on board, the two pilots and two maintenance engineers. After the impact, the aircraft was enclosed and destroyed by the flames, and nothing could have led the way to extinguish the fire to save the occupants. Even the passant, according to a testimony-video released by the local press, died enclosed in the flames.

The aircraft was owned by Uy Aviation, a private charter operator that had purchased the airplane from the State government of Uttar Pradesh in 2014.

In the first of the two videos below, the silhouette of the victim on the ground is clearly obscured; in the second one, images from the densely populated place of the tragedy:

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