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Russia, Tu-22 aircraft will soon be equipped with the Kinzhal missile

Load test passed without problems from the strategic bomber

According to what the Russian press reported yesterday, the Air Force of Moscow successfully tested the ability of the strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-22M3 to transport the hypersonic Kinzhal missile. According to Mikhail Oparin, ex-commander of the Russian long-range bombers, the aircraft perfectly adapts to these missiles in all its characteristics.

"The tests are necessary to see if the bomber will be able to unhook the missile and get the results. For long-range pilots, the missile has a more tactical purpose but at the same time gives clear advantages thanks to its ability to violate enemy defenses", said the former commander. In fact, the Kinzhal was designed specifically for long-range bombers, preferring it compared to guided or free-fall bombs.

At the moment the Kinzhal is operative only on the MiG-31K fighter plane in its fighter-bomber version. Soon, however, the hypersonic missile will also be operating on the Tu-22M3, especially after the positive outcome of the load test. Without a doubt the Kinzhal can be considered a game changer both for its hypersonic speed and because it can maneuver independently to overcome the existing anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems and future ones.

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