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Is it possibile a collaboration between Airbus and Saab for the future RAF's AWACS?

The Swedish company could provide the radar for the A-330 or the A-320

Airbus and Saab are discussing to combine their knowledge in the field of airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) to try to offer an alternative to the UK, if it won't decide to buy the Boeing E-737 Wedgetail to replace the old E-3D Sentry. The objective would be to collaborate in order to equip an aircraft built by Airbus with a version of the Erieye radar produced by Saab.

As reported by the specialized website "Defense News" from Airbus there isn't official confirmations of this attempt to collaborate with Saab, but in a statement the idea of bidding for a tender in the United Kingdom was openly supported - following what was requested by Chairman of the British Defense Committee. "As a major supplier of aircraft to British aviation (RAF, Royal Air Force), Airbus would gladly accept a bid to present an Awacs aircraft for the RAF that is the best in the market and has a low-cost", said the spokesperson of the European giant.

The desire would be to use the experience in commercial aircraft in this very important field of military aviation -as already done with the A-330 version in transport and refueling in flight- using as a basis or the same A-330 or the smaller A-320. Saab has also supported the request made by the United Kingdom, but not by building aircraft that can be compared to the 737 or Airbus aircraft -which will probably be required by the Raf- surely will seek an agreement with the European aeronautical manufacturer, bringing in dowry the experience and knowledge of airborne radar systems.

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