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Russia, a successor for Porubschik is under study

The aircraft future will also obscure military satellites

Russian engineers would be working to design a new disturbing plane capable of obscuring non-Russian military satellites. This is what is reported by "Sputnik" where it's confirmed that the aircraft that will replace the Ilyushin Il-22PP "Porubschik" will have a completely new onboard instrumentation to be able to electronically disturb targets in the three terrestrial dimensions, plus the space one: the novelty would be that of being able to disable the satellites, necessary to guarantee navigation and land radio communications.

The new plane -which will be called Porubschik-2- will not be based as the previous one on the old Ilyushin Il-18, but will probably be built starting either from Tupolev Tu-214 or from Ilyushin Il-76.

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